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Fire Door Installation

We understand the critical role that fire doors play in safeguarding lives and properties in the event of a fire.

Properly installed fire doors serve as a barrier, restricting the spread of flames of smoke, and can also ensure secure escape routes for occupants. This allows firefighters the time needed to effectively reduce the blaze.

Correct installation is vital, as even minor errors can reduce the effectiveness of a fire door.

Our skilled team ensure your safety through expert door installation and fitting. We utilise all the latest techniques to install and retrofit fire doors, our installation process conforms to, and surpasses, all current regulatory requirements.

Through our extensive installation services, we guarantee that your fire doors will function at their best - providing the highest level of protection for your property and its inhabitants.


We believe that quality should be the priority this is why we are Bluesky accredited for fire door installation, we go through vigorous reviews and audits; providing you with peace of mind that our high standards are consistently maintained.

This is reflected in our dedication to ensuring that every fire door installation and maintenance projects we undertake adheres to the highest standards and quality. When you choose us for a project you receive more than just expert installation. We provide you with assurances that all work is carried out correctly and in compliance with the best industry standards.

Please visit our compliance section to see all the bodies we are associated with.

We have experience in all sectors, ensuring all of our staff meet any of the requirements that you will have. We understand that site access can be limited or restricted to specific hours, this is why we have a flexible approach to allow us to work around your schedule and provide solutions  to minimise disruption – with careful planning and co-ordination we ensure timescales are met and have minimal impact on the client.

The Golden Thread

The Building Safety Act 2022 was developed as a part of the new safety regime to prevent any further events similar to the Grenfell tower disaster, which killed 72 people in 2017. It has overhauled existing regulations on how buildings should be constructed and maintained. As part of this Act the people responsible for the building’s fire safety need to provide a ‘Golden Thread’ of information with safety considered at every stage of the building’s lifecycle.

To ensure you are compliant with the ‘Golden Thread’ requirements we have partnered with companies like Door Data Systems.The DDS data pin we install holds all location and company info with all supporting reports and certification documents from the door’s construction, installation, and maintenance.

All this data is logged in real time and can be viewed or downloaded at anytime from anywhere.

All information from the door installation is stored here, allowing you to easily check all data from the DDS platform if required - including the doors gaps, products used, and even the firestopping itself.

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